Mergers and Acquisitions

Unlocking Growth Through Strategic Partnerships
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At Rowland I&I Solutions, we're forging partnerships with industry-leading companies like ours across the Southeast, all sharing our commitment to excellence in sewer and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation. As we expand our network, we're enhancing our capabilities and unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. With our combined expertise and collaborative spirit, we're paving the way to become the foremost leader in sewer and wastewater rehabilitation, driving progress within our industry both regionally and nationally.

Why Partnering with Rowland Makes Sense for You

Elevate your business with Rowland I&I Solutions. Our market-leading expertise and collaborative approach ensure seamless transactions, continuity of management, and accelerated growth for your company. Partner with us to leverage our strong capital position, flexible transaction structures, and dependable reputation for successful acquisitions.

  • Market Opportunity: Joining forces with Rowland presents owners with a chance to transact seamlessly with a market-leading company.
  • Continuity of Management: Owners and their management have options to stay involved or fully exit, ensuring continuity and stability.
  • Diversification: Our ability to transact allows owners to diversify their net worth while still maintaining a stake in the go-forward operations of the business if they choose.
  • Accelerate Growth: Partnering with Rowland offers economies of scale and a broader service offering, enabling you to accelerate growth and better serve your customers.
  • Strong Capital Position: We are ready to fund acquisitions with the flexibility of all cash and/or stock considerations, providing financial stability and support.
  • Flexible Transaction Structure: Our team offers a creative and flexible approach tailored to your unique objectives, ensuring a mutually beneficial transaction.
  • Growth Trajectory: Rowland is on a dynamic growth path that aims to position us as a leader within our industry, providing long-term opportunities for success.
  • Dependable Transaction Counterparts: With a history of successful acquisitions and smooth transitions, you can trust Rowland as a dependable transaction partner.
  • Minimal Disruption: We have expertise in handling acquisitions discreetly with minimal interruption to daily operations, ensuring a smooth transition process.
  • Professional Process: Upholding confidentiality, integrity, and fairness in all dealings, we prioritize professionalism and transparency throughout the transaction process.

Partner through Acquisition

Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Add new service offerings

  • Establish new customer relationships

  • Expand geographically

  • Build management depth

We are looking for acquisitions that have these ideal attributes:

  • Trenchless rehabilitation (CIPP, pipe bursting, slip lining)

  • CCTV inspection

  • Cleaning

  • Manhole and lift station rehabilitation

  • Open-cut repair

  • Geography: Southeast US

  • Size: Annual revenues of $5 - 50 million

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If you're considering the prospect of selling your business or exploring acquisition opportunities, we're here to have that conversation. We recognize the significance of entrusting your business to reliable and capable hands, and building that trust is at the core of what we do. Contact us today to start the discussion and explore the possibilities of partnering with Rowland I&I Solutions.