Defending Infrastructure: InflowShield’s Solution to Stormwater Infiltration

In Florida and the Southeastern United States, stormwater infiltration challenges threaten the efficiency and longevity of sanitary wastewater systems. Rowland Inc.’s one-of-a-kind InflowShield steps in as a powerful solution, offering a product designed to combat infiltration effectively protecting Florida and other Southeastern municipalities.


InflowShield: A Swift and Durable Defense

Rowland Inc.’s proprietary InflowShield takes a comprehensive approach to mitigate stormwater infiltration. Engineered for ease of installation, these solutions address the root causes of infiltration, providing a swift and durable defense against the challenges faced by municipalities, wastewater treatment facilities, engineers, contractors, and maintenance professionals.


Key Features and Benefits of Inflowshield by Rowland Inc.:

  1. Robust Materials:

    InflowShield inserts are fabricated using 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and resilience in diverse environmental conditions.

  2. Silicon Gasket Seal:

    Each insert includes a silicon gasket, providing a secure seal to keep stormwater out and prevent infiltration effectively.

  3. Customized Sizing:

    InflowShield customizes each insert to the specific dimensions of the manhole in which it will be placed, ensuring a precise fit for maximum effectiveness.

  4. Easy Installation:

    InflowShield’s are set up for ease of use, and maximum effectiveness.  It’s as simple as popping open the manhole lid, dropping in our InflowShield, and closing it back up.

Contact Rowland Inc. to Explore Your Solution Today:

Municipalities, wastewater treatment facilities, engineers, contractors, and maintenance professionals are invited to explore how InflowShield assists in mitigating stormwater infiltration challenges. With its ease of use, proven effectiveness, and precise fit, InflowShield is a reliable partner in fortifying sanitary wastewater systems.


Building Resilience Together

Rowland Inc’s proprietary InflowShield is just the initial step in the battle against stormwater infiltration and fortifying your sanitary wastewater systems. Utilizing InflowShield in conjunction with the rest of Rowland Inc’s services including CIPP, CCTV, Manhole Rehabilitation, and Open-Cut Repairs, you can ensure that your systems stand strong, and serve you reliably in the long run.

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