Uncovering the Advantages: A Closer Look at SewperCoat Manhole Lining

Underground infrastructure is an often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of everyday life. One of the most important areas of our sewer systems is one we see on our roadways daily but is ignored until it is too late, manholes. These structures offer access to our underground infrastructure for repair, inspections, and prevention, but face continuous wear and tear from the environment and the substances that they carry. To combat the deterioration of manholes and ensure they continue to work at their full capacity, Rowland Inc. offers manhole lining and rehabilitation services across Florida and the Southeastern United States using innovative products like SewperCoat. In this post, we will discuss the importance of manhole lining and rehabilitation and the benefits of Sewpercoat products.

What is SewperCoat?

SewperCoat is a mortar solution that is applied by spraying the product onto the inside walls of manholes to protect and rehabilitate the structure. The mortar mix is a 100% Calcium Aluminate mortar solution which creates a protective barrier that inhibits the activity of bacteria, which helps reduce the formation of sulpheric acid, a major factor the expedited deterioration of the structures. Another benefit of Sewpercoat is that it can be applied to moist surfaces and offers solid structural rehabilitation in just a few hours. The means you can protect your live infrastructure without the need to create a pause in service for its users. 

Corrosion Resistance and Structural Reinforcement

A common challenge that manholes face is the constant exposure to the corrosive raw materials and gases that flow through our infrastructure every single day. These materials and gasses breakdown the structure over time causing fractures and pits in the manhole itself. The leaks allow ground water to infiltrate the system which can overload the infrastructure, and cause failure. A weakened manhole also runs the risk of collapse and total failure causing major problems for infrastructure users and costing the owners a considerable amount of time and money. SewperCoat can be applied to the infrastructure ranging of a thickness of ½” to 4” depending on the application and severity of rehabilitation. This application allows for the stopping of the infiltration, the sealing of the cracks, and the patching of the pits, bringing the structure back to a like new condition. 

Bring your Infrastructure Back to Life

Once applied by the Rowland crew, the SewperCoat mortar dries in a smooth finish that leaves your manhole looking brand new. The clean finish allows for the infrastructure owners to easily clean and maintain the manhole and ensure its function for years to come. The smooth finish prevents the buildup of debris, which minimizes the risk of blockage and failure.

Quick Rehabilitation

A major benefit of utilizing SewperCoat in your rehabilitation effort is the ease of the installation without the disruption to the infrastructure users. In just one day you can bring your manhole back to life and stronger than before. This means no excavation, no shut down, and disruptions. This quick rehabilitation option is a cost effective solution to an ever present problem surrounding our infrastructures.

Manhole lining is an effective solution in safeguarding your infrastructures that should not be overlooked. These structures face corrosion and structural issues daily, and are relied upon to serve their users without fail. SewperCoat products offer a way to maintain the longevity reliability, and efficiency of your systems, and Rowland offers the installation expertise to ensure that you are protecting your infrastructure for years to come. Contact the team at Rowland to see for yourself how SewperCoat can help repair and protect municipal sewer systems in Florida and the Southeast



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