What is I/I (Inflow/Infiltration)?



For over 80 years, SewperCoat has been used worldwide (over 20 years in Florida) to structurally rehabilitate aging sewer structures, primarily manholes and wet wells.  SewperCoat is a ready-to-use, premix, 100% pure fused calcium aluminate.  SewperCoat is designed to provide a structural and protective lining for sewer structures exposed to abrasion and biogenic corrosion resulting from the hydrogen sulfide (H2S). 

Brick manhole before SewperCoat
Brick Manhole Before SuperCoatSewperCoat PG is the commonly used “pumpable grade” product, mixed with water and conveyed through a hose, then applied with low pressure, wet spray equipment.  It is normally applied to pre-cast or brick structures that have been cleaned free of loose material, laitance, residue and any existing coatings or linings. Application thickness can vary from the standard ½” to 1”, or up to 4” depending on severity of corrosion and loss of structural integrity.

Same brick manhole after SewperCoat

Brick Manhole After SuperCoatFlorida collection systems are particularly susceptible to structural degradation due to our flat terrain and low velocity (long retention times), high ambient temperatures and high humidity, the perfect combination for the biogenic corrosion cycle.  SewperCoat is well known to withstand corrosive wastewater environments containing H2S gas.  Due to its high neutralization capacity (see product and technical data sheets), SewperCoat® has been shown to locally raise the pH on the surface of wastewater structures, preventing the successful colonization of the most aggressive strains of bacteria. 

SewperCoat possesses thin section toughness, high compressive strength (over 8,000 psi in 28 days) and high flexural strength (over 1,300 psi in 28 days) as tested by an independent laboratory.  It enhances structural integrity of existing structures and eliminates infiltration due to its high-density low-porosity characteristics.

Additionally, there is a 10 year warranty, wherein the manufacturer, Kerneos, warrants to wastewater system owners that when installed in compliance with recommended installation guidelines, SewperCoat will protect sanitary wastewater structures from biogenic corrosion caused by the sanitary sewage environment. 

Rowland, Inc. is the longest approved applicator in the state and has proudly, successfully rehabilitated over 145,000 vertical feet of structures using SewperCoat.

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