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While we have performed hundreds of emergency repairs over the years, none was quite like the one on March 20, 2003 when Tampa Bay Water’s 84″ transmission main collapsed in a very remote part of Pasco County. To quote the St. Petersburg Times, “… the impact of the spill was immediate and dramatic. Thousands of households and businesses across Pinellas and Pasco counties lost all water for several hours Thursday. More than 600,000 people must still boil water. And thousands more will be asked to use as little as possible”. Tampa Bay Water could have called any contractor in West Central Florida but they chose to put their faith in Rowland, Inc. We did not let them down as expressed in a letter from the Tampa Bay Water Board of Directors:
“On behalf of the Board of directors of Tampa Bay Water, please accept this letter as an expression of our appreciation for your extraordinary efforts on March 20 after the rupture of the Cypress Creek transmission Main.”

“Tampa Bay Water, and the community it serves, is fortunate to have construction contractors such as Rowland, to call upon in time of dire emergency.”

Need we say more?

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